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QDRO Preparation - The fee for preparation of a QDRO (or similar division order under federal law) is $350 per order when prepared for a Texas-licensed attorney.  I will not prepare a QDRO for a case from out of state.  The majority of QDROs I prepare are for an attorney.  I will prepare a QDRO directly for a pro se party (no attorney representation) only under specific conditions, as set out below.

I work as an independent contractor for the attorney who hires me and have no direct contact with the client, except under unusual circumstances.  Please review the terms of the "QDRO Preparation Letter to Attorneys" because any QDRO I prepare is specifically subject to those terms.  The attorney must provide me with the appropriate information and documents in order to prepare the QDRO and the accuracy of the QDRO is only as good as the accuracy of the information provided.

I will prepare a QDRO directly for a pro se party (no attorney representation) on agreed matters for $350 under the following conditions:

1.  Your ex-spouse must cooperate and sign the QDRO for you.  If it turns out that your ex will not sign the QDRO, your will have to hire another attorney to resolve the matter.
2.  You must make copies of the QDRO and submit the original and copies to the Court that granted the divorce.
3.  You will pay any filing fee, prepare and file any required Petition to Enter QDRO (most Courts don't require a Petition or Motion) with the Court and provide me with a certified copy of the QDRO for service upon the Plan Administrator.
4.  I can only handle this for a flat fee of $350 if you provide me with the information required as an attorney would provide by mail or email.  I cannot provide this service for that fee if a party requires a personal consultation or other personalized service.  If you have any questions, please give me or my legal assistant a phone call.

QDRO Review - I will review a QDRO prepared by another licensed attorney for a fee of $100 per order.  Written comments will be provided.  Such review service is offered only for other attorneys.  I will not review a QDRO prepared by a lay person or non-lawyer preparation service.  Please note that this fee does not include any discussions or negotiations with the attorney that prepared the QDRO or conferences to attempt to resolve any problems with the proposed QDRO.

I accept payment by check, cash, Master Card, Visa or PayPal (provide me your email address and I will send you a PayPal invoice).