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Practice Areas

Family Law - Philip D. Phillips is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Family Law includes divorce, visitation establishment and enforcement, child support establishment and enforcement, modification of prior orders, child custody, paternity, contempt, pre-marital agreements, partitions of property, post-divorce property division, step-parent adoption and other family-related matters.  The ability to take on a new case will depend upon the current case load and not every service listed above may be available at a particular time.

QDRO Preparation - As an area of Family Law, Philip D. Phillips prepares Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (or similar Division Orders) to divide retirement plans in connection with a divorce, spousal maintenance or child support.  Please click on the "QDRO Preparation" menu item on the left side of this page for additional information and the "Fees" menu item for fee information.  This service is offered primarily to Texas-licensed attorneys but may be available directly to a party under certain limited circumstances as detailed under the "QDRO Preparation" menu item.

QDRO Review - I will review QDROs that have been prepared by other attorneys and provide written comments.  This service will only be provided for attorneys.  I will not review a QDRO that has been prepared by a lay person or non-lawyer preparation service.